Martin Clunes is tempted to give up acting

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  • 29 September 2017
Martin Clunes as Doc Martin

Martin Clunes

Martin Clunes has admitted he's toyed with the idea of giving up acting and going into farming full time

Martin Clunes is "tempted" to give up acting.

The 'Doc Martin' star got stuck into farming seven years ago when he bought a plot of land in Beaminster, Dorset, and has fallen so in love with agriculture that he's toyed with the idea of walking away from the limelight - but being a farmer doesn't make enough money.

Speaking on 'The Jonathan Ross Show', which airs tomorrow (30.09.17) on ITV at 9:30pm, Martin said: "When I first started doing it, I never saw this coming, it wasn't the plan. It just drifted on to us and I thought, 'This won't last.' 10 years later... You find yourself at two in the morning, pinning a ewe to the wall as you strip milk off her to put down a line to the stomach of a lamb that's not drinking it and you think, 'I'm supposed to be a luvvie, what am I doing here? ... It's tempting [to give up acting] but at the moment, I earn better as an actor than a farmer. It's always hard leaving it, it was hard getting on the train this morning, it gets harder. I love every inch of the farm, every tree."

And the 55-year-old actor has even managed to persuade his friend and 'Men Behaving Badly' co-star Neil Morrissey to help him out around his farm.

He explained with a chuckle: "We have a fayre [in August at the farm] and he came over to judge the 'Dog most like Neil Morrissey' competition for us."

And, although he was there to judge the competition, Martin and Neil couldn't resist talking about a 'Men Behaving Badly' reunion - but they're both too busy at the moment.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Martin said: "It's hard because he's busy doing all his dramas right now and he's out in Sri Lanka, even before that he was doing one in Ireland. He really sweetly came with his dog Lizzie to our funfair."

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