Nadia Sawalha is related to Larry Lamb

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 28 September 2017
Larry Lamb (c) Twitter

Larry Lamb (c) Twitter

'Loose Women' presenter Nadia Sawalha has revealed she is related to actor and radio presenter Larry Lamb

Nadia Sawalha is related to Larry Lamb.

The 69-year-old actor appeared on 'Loose Women' on Thursday (28.09.17) alongside his son George Lamb and was stunned when the frizzy-haired presenter revealed that a recent DNA test had confirmed her mother was his cousin.

Speaking on the lunch time show, Nadia, 52, said: "Welcome to the family.

"[It's] so bizarre. My family are friends with your family. I told my mum to come to the show today to meet you. But in the meeting today she text saying she can't come but she said 'you must make sure you tell them about your DNA'.

"You are a cousin on my mum's side. It must be my mum's maiden name 'Lane'. You should come over and we shall talk about it and find out more."

Nadia also revealed that presenter George actually went to school with her cousin and she didn't think she could have been related because they knew each other.

She even joked that if her cousin had introduce 37-year-old George to her when they were younger then she probably would have taken him out on a date.

Larry admitted he is fascinated by his family heritage and has been on 'Who Do You Think You Are' and found he was related to a number of families he never heard of.

He said: "[I have] always been interested with my heritage. On 'Who Do You Think You Are' you get a full scale family tree.

"You follow your name 'Lamb' and all these names come in. You find out you're related to families you never heard of."

Larry and George also revealed they are related to politician John Major.