Lateysha Grace to get her own MTV show

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  • 28 September 2017
Lateysha Grace

Lateysha Grace

Lateysha Grace is set to get her own MTV show in a bid to make her a millionaire and to help finance her two-year-old daughter Wynter

Lateysha Grace is set to get her own MTV show.

The 24-year-old is currently filming a new programme, which will follow the brunette beauty on her journey to become a "millionaire" over the next "few years" because she is desperate to give her two-year-old daughter Wynter a better life than she had.

Speaking about the former 'The Valleys' star's future project to The Sun newspaper, a source said: "The premise is it will follow her over the next few years as she attempts to become a millionaire.

"Lateysha doesn't want her daughter to struggle as much as she has for money."

And it is rumoured the 'Big Brother' contestant's show will see appearances from another former Channel 5 competitor Ellie Young and a transgender prostitute, who will battle it out against six other people to be named Lateysha's personal assistant.

The source said: "There were about eight people interviewed for the position - including a transgender hooker and Ellie from 'Big Brother'.

"I personally think Ellie will be offered the role and take part in the show.

"Work had dried up since she left the house.

"Apparently 'Ibiza Weekender' weren't happy with her doing 'Big Brother' and she thought work would be a lot easier to come by, but that hasn't been the case.

"The first few episodes are thought to follow Lateysha's assistant and her jaunts around the country."

As part of Lateysha's plan to earn big bucks she will also try to set up her own baby clothing company named Baby On Trend, and will also continue with her modelling career.

The insider added: "[Lateysha] is going to try various things to make her fortune, the first idea is a business called Baby On Trend.

"She'll be partly based in Liverpool where her social media for the business will be run.

"She also hopes to pursue more modelling work."

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