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John Gordillo

Name: John Gordillo

Who’s this fella, then? You may have seen the name ‘John Gordillo’ somewhere in your house, but perhaps you just can’t quite place it. No, it’s not the name of a brand new kitchen product (the ‘Gordillo grill’ does have a certain ring to it, though), it may be on the back of a videotape or DVD you have in your collection. Gordillo was the man who directed the early 90s unit-shifting stand-up performances of Eddie Izzard in Unrepeatable and Live at the Ambassadors.

I feel as though I may have seen him on the box: can that be true? Those early acolytes of digital telly may be able to dredge up from the memory bank the show RDA, a Jon Stewart-esque topical programme which was broadcast on BBC Choice (now BBC3) in 2000.

Any other celebrity connections? He has also directed stage performances of Reginald D Hunter. They must have got on pretty well, as they also shared a flat in North London.

So, he’s doing a bit of stand-up now himself? He jumped back onto the circuit and had a run on the Free Fringe last year. This August, you’ll have to pay good hard cash to see him perform at the Pleasance Dome with the punningly entitled Divide & Conga.

The Stand, Edinburgh, Thu 10–Sun 13 Jul.

The Stand

A powerful exhibition of gentlemen being funny: Brendan Dempsey, John Gordillo, Bruce Fummey and Rick Molland; they're headed by the most powerful of them all - MC Susan Morrison.

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