Will & Greg: A Sketch Show

Will & Greg

The Stand, Glasgow, Sun 6 Jul


Before the Fringe kicks in along with the attendant confusion of flyers, here’s your chance to take a sneak peak at one of its prime sketch shows. Fresh from some of the minds who brought you last year’s energetic hit Ugly Kid, Will & Greg are here to cheer up Scotland. Starring Will Andrews (in a different guise you may know him as Tony Carter) and Greg McHugh (whom you may recognise as Gary: Tank Commander), this is the culmination of four-year’s work with the Glasgow-based Comedy Unit. They also created Blowout, the Channel 4 Comedy Lab broadcast in October last year.

They’re holding this preview at The Stand to road-test the ideas for this year’s festival and the associated TV show they’re shooting in July. ‘This will be the first ever preview and the audience is totally the judge,’ explains Andrews. ‘If they don’t laugh, it won’t go in.’ Sounds sensible, and quite grounded for a pair who seem set to become the new darlings of TV comedy. Although he did also say ‘rude boy,’ so maybe all that London air has gone to their heads.

Now they return to their homeland with new material to woo audiences with, this time without the company of former sketch mates Susan Calman, Leah MacRae and Michael Manley. It might be rougher round the edges at this stage but, hell, if you want to see a smooth-running sketch show then rent Big Train. Catch Will & Greg now, before the Fringe, and they, really kick off. Rude boys.

Will & Greg - A Sketch Show

Grab a sneaky peek at the much anticipated show from two of the stars of last year's Ugly Kid and Blowout, featuring a brand new set of sketches from the warped minds of Greg McHugh and Will Andrews.

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