Amber Davies to do stage work

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  • 28 September 2017
Amber Davies

Amber Davies

Amber Davies has admitted she's too busy right now to do any theatre work but would love to in the future

Amber Davies wants to do some musical theatre work.

The 'Love Island' winner - who walked away with the prize fund when her boyfriend Kem Cetinay agreed to split the cash - had just been offered a major role in the West End when she was approached to take part in the romantic reality TV show.

But, although she turned down the stage job in favour of finding love on screen, the 20-year-old beauty has admitted she'd "100 per cent" love to get back into acting.

She told new! magazine when when asked if she'd like to go back to theatre: "One hundred per cent. It's impossible now but in the future I'd love to pursue that dream."

The brunette beauty would also jump at the chance to star in "any soap."

She added: "I'd love to act in any soap."

For now, though, Amber is set to make a cameo appearance in her boyfriend Kem's new reality TV show with his "bro" Chris Hughes - who is dating Olivia Attwood - but she has admitted she and her beau would love to bag their own series in the future.

She explained: "It's a show about their bromance. But you get an insight into our relationship as well. We go on a double date with Chris and Liv.

"It's going to be hilarious, honestly. There haven't been any talks [about their own show] but we'll wait and see what happened."

Meanwhile, Amber believes her trim physique is down to years of dancing.

She said: "I've never had a gym membership but I did three years of dance training, 12 hour a day - that's how I kept my physique. Now I keep it by being busy and walking a lot. I haven't got time to be fat! I'm young, too, so my metabolism is quick."

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