Profile - Andrea Parker

Profile - Andrea Parker

Name: Andrea Parker

Occupation: Sister, doing it for herself.

Doing what, exactly? Building and maintaining a reputation and currently moving swiftly towards the status of ‘esteemed’ with a career in leftfield electronica that stretches back a whole decade and a half.

How did she get started? The Kent girl started off as a cellist, and recalls listening to This Mortal Coil and Cowboy Junkies when she was younger. Techno wasn’t big in Kent at the time, but journeys to London with her sister exposed Parker to hip hop, and this strange combination of influences informed her idiosyncratic style. In 1993 she founded the electronic trio Inky Blacknuss, a collaboration with producers Alex Knight and Ian Tregoning, and signed to Andrew Weatherall’s Sabrettes label. Yet her other team-up of the time would prove even more fruitful in the long term. Rather memorably entitled Two Sandwiches Short of a Lunchbox, this collaboration was with ambient and leftfield producer David Morley, who would go on to work with Parker continually throughout her career.

What has she done since then? Parker’s first solo high was being signed to Mo’Wax in the late 90s, a move which would result in the expansion of her sound. The first of her successes under her own name would be the dancefloor electro of ‘Melodious Thunk’ in 1996, and later that year the late night balladry of ‘The Rocking Chair’, orchestrated by Massive Attack collaborator Will Malone. 1999’s Kiss My Arp album was another collaborative piece with Morley, a homage to vintage synthesizers recorded at the producer’s studio in the Bavarian countryside. Parker’s own label Touchin’ Bass was founded in 2002, when she left Mo’Wax, and has thrown up the Miami Bass collaboration with DJ Assault ‘Freaky Bitches’, as well as last year’s Here’s One I Made Earlier . . . compilation. The latter release, and this show, will provide an entree to a truly eclectic electronic artist.

Andrea Parker plays Miso at the Ivy, Glasgow, Sat 12 Jul.


High-quality electronic eclecticism, this time featuring an electro set from special guest Stick 430 (5 Jun, a pre-club for DMX Crew's show at the Soundhaus later) and the legendary Andrea Parker (12 Jun).

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