Judge Rinder workouts every day

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  • 25 September 2017
Loose Women's men

Loose Women's men

Judge Rinder has admitted he tries to workout every day and has agreed to show off his body for Loose Men's male body confidence campaign

Judge Rinder goes to the gym "every day."

The 39-year-old criminal barrister has agreed to strip off for Loose Women's male body confidence campaign, which starts today (25.09.17), alongside the likes of Bruno Tonioli, Shayne Ward and Frank Bruno in a bid to break the silence surrounding the increasing body image pressures men are facing in today's society.

He said: "When I was at university, I was too busy reading Proust instead of doing press ups. Even now, it depends what sort of mood I'm in. If I'm on the beach I might not take my top off, feel a bit gross. Like anybody else.

"I go to the gym every day. But I don't necessarily go to look a certain way. I go really because my connection with exercise is about my sense of mental well-being ...

"... Every single man - straight, gay or otherwise - feels exactly the same. The difference is, whereas women will talk to each other about it, and it's become perfectly reasonably and rationally a very important issue to be discussed, men don't."

Shayne, 32, has also opened up about being heavily trolled online and has admitted, although he's put on a bit of weight recently, he was willing to flash the flesh.

He said: "If someone's just going to comment on the fact that I'm a little bit bigger than I used to be, I'm 32, when I first joined the pop industry I was 21, so of course my body's going to change after that amount of time. Being in the public eye can make you more conscious, without a shadow of a doubt, and that's what's great about this campaign.

"Hopefully this campaign will give men the confidence to talk about body confidence issues, because a lot of it is thrown away as banter; 'Ah you've got a bit of a belly,' 'So have you mate.' And then it's done, but actually, once that conversation stops and someone starts to talk about something else, you're left with that, thinking, actually I do feel like I've put on a bit of weight. This campaign is going to be brilliant for that."

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