Mark Millar & JG Jones - Wanted (4 stars)

Mark Millar

(Top Cow/Titan)


As yet another comics-based blockbuster hits the big screen, Titan brings us this timely repackaged re-release.

Wanted was written by one of the comics world’s leading lights, Scotland’s own Mark Millar, a creator owned series for Top Cow rather than the big two. And no wonder, it’s far too edgy for either Marvel or DC with its high octane, blood-splattered action. It’s a highly depraved tale of a secret cabal of degenerate super villains who rule the world from the shadows. This shocking truth reveals itself to shit-eating nobody Wesley Gibson, who takes to the death, murder and filth of his new life like a duck to water.

The fast shooting, low morals and smart black humour make this the Fight Club of comics (but exaggerated to the power of ten), all played out in dynamic, lurid colour courtesy of JG Jones sharp illustrations.

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