Peter Pan

SECC, Glasgow, Wed 10-Sun 14 Jan; Royal Highland Centre, Edinburgh, Thu 25-Sun 28 Jan


In his day, Robin Cousins was the David Beckham of ice skating. A national hero whose leaps and twists inspired thousands to head for the rink. These days, Cousins looks more at home behind the judging desk on Dancing On Ice. But that’s only one of many pies he has his talented fingers in. Having combined his early skating career with performing in West End musicals, Cousins now mixes both worlds by directing and choreographing shows for Holiday on Ice. The latest of which is heading to Scotland this month.

Peter Pan on Ice takes JM Barrie’s original text and adds an exciting blend of music, song, skating and, of course, flying. From Nana the dog with a skate on each paw, to the huge crocodile which swallows Captain Hook, the show has massive kiddie appeal. Large-scale sets take the audience from the Darling house to the wonders of Neverland and the dangers of Skull Cave, with a cast of over 30 skaters filling the rink with dazzling ensemble pieces. Barrie’s tale has so many memorable images, knowing which to choose proved to be Cousins biggest challenge.

‘There are obvious places in the story that lend themselves to great skating numbers,’ says Cousins. ‘The party in the family home at the beginning, mermaids and skeletons in Skull Cave, fairies in Tinkerbell’s realm. Making the show wasn’t that difficult - finding what to keep and what to throw away so the show wasn’t five hours long, was the hard part. The story is so well known that everybody has their own version of it in their head, so we took the parts that people know and expect from Peter Pan and used those’

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