"Nasty" Jennifer and Rebecca

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  • 1 July 2008


Rex called Jennifer and Rebecca "nasty" last night.

The chef made the comment to Mohamed after he overheard the girls admitting they had lied about hearing someone shout about him over the 'Big Brother' garden wall.

Jennifer and Bex were in the garden when a group of people began shouting early in the evening.

Bex reported the people yelled: "Rex is a w****r!"

Jennifer backed up her friend, claiming the group's shouts were "really clear".

Mikey tried to comfort Rex by saying the hecklers were probably "local kids" or "teenage yobs", but Bex was quick to add the voices did not sound like youths.

However, later in the evening Rex told Mohamed he had overheard the pair gossiping about the incident.

He said: "Bex went to Jen on the sofa and said: 'Jen, did you really hear that?' Jen said: 'I don't know what they said at all.'

"Shows you how nasty they are. It shows how much Jen doesn't like me."

As Rachel tried to calm down Rex he explained why he was so upset, saying: "The comment doesn't bother me. It's the bitchiness behind the comment. Of course Bex would hear it."

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