Danniella Westbrook splits from fiancé Alan Thomason

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  • 23 September 2017
Danniella Westbrook

Danniella Westbrook

Danniella Westbrook has revealed she is taking some time apart from her fiancé Alan Thomason after they suffered a miscarriage at seven weeks

Danniella Westbrook has split from her fiancé Alan Thomason after they heartbreakingly suffered a miscarriage at seven weeks.

The former 'EastEnders' star and her beau are "having a tough time of it" at the moment and are taking some time away from each other.

She said: "Me and Alan are not together at the minute, we have had an argument, we're having a tough time of it at the minute. He's in Benidorm, I need some time to myself right now and he's taking it very badly.

"I need to rest, I might go away for a couple of weeks and just relax and sleep and eat. At the moment I'm happy on my own. We rushed into everything too quick."

And the 43-year-old actress doesn't know what the future holds now but she is adamant she has finished having children because she doesn't think she could "take the heartbreak" if she was to miscarry again.

She shared: "No, I don't think I could take the heartbreak of it all. I can't take it and I don't think it's good on my body. I don't think I could try to have any more kids. I've got two lovely kids and Alan's got a baby as well, he's got a six year old. It's not like we don't have children."

Daniella was understandably devastated when she found out but she admits she knew there was "always a chance" because of her pregnancy history.

She told The Sun Online: "There was always a chance I was going to miscarry because since I've had lots of problems since my daughter was born by an emergency c-section. Something went wrong and four days later the whole inside of the stitches came open and my intestines pushed out and I was rushed into hospital. They put it all back in and I was stitched up but ever since then I've never been able to carry. I've always had terrible time with periods, phantom pregnancies, cysts on my ovaries, pregnancies. I've just a lot of pain and trouble with it since.

"I got to three month mark with that one [her previous miscarriage] and this time I got to seven weeks. So it's been an awful time and it caused so much pressure for me and Alan really. We were already under pressure over getting a new place and it caused a lot of upset. I was so looking forward to having baby, I'm 43, he's 35, I thought 'there's no way I'm going to get pregnant again'. And I did and I was really happy about it ... When I went to the doctor they said the [amniotic] sac wasn't sticking right, my womb wasn't strong enough. I lost a lot of blood, it's been really painful."

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