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  • Bang Showbiz
  • 1 July 2008


Jennifer and Rex are reportedly up for eviction this week.

The two 'Big Brother' contestants have been at loggerheads since the infamous fight last week and their constant bickering has started to irritate the other housemates.

Even Rex has admitted he is tired of the bad atmosphere in the house and of the constant catty remarks Jennifer and her friends make.

He said: "If something doesn't change soon, I can't take it any more. Jennifer stirs up things behind people's backs and Dale just jumps in at anything Jennifer says."

The couple clashed last week when Rex smeared Jennifer's painting of Stuart, resulting in the part-time model breaking down in tears.

Although Rex apologised, Jennifer refused to let the matter drop and continually asked the chef why he felt the need to deface her work.

When other housemates leapt to the defence of both Jennifer and Rex the argument quickly became heated, resulting in Dennis being removed from the house for spitting in Mohamed's face.

Eventually the housemates were split into two groups, with Mario, Mohamed, Rex and Darnell ordered to stay in a different room to the rest of the contestants.

Although the two factions are now speaking to each other, relations between Rex and Jennifer remain hostile.

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