Charlotte Hawkins not worried about Strictly curse

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  • 23 September 2017
Charlotte Hawkins

Charlotte Hawkins

Charlotte Hawkins says she and her husband are not worried about the so-called 'Strictly' curse

Charlotte Hawkins is not worried about the so-called 'Strictly' curse.

The 'Good Morning Britain' newsreader has a two-year-old daughter Ella Rose with husband Mark Herbert and insisted that their marriage is rock solid and she won't be falling for her hunky dance partner Brendan Cole.

She said: "The Curse? I asked him whether it would be a concern for him. We're really happily married, so it's not an issue, but it's still weird for your husband to be watching you dance intimately with another man. I wanted to check he was going to be happy with that and OK I'm dancing in such an intense way.

"I'd find it really hard if it were the other way around. But then I'd know they're just dancing and I have trust in our relationship.

"He is happy with it, which is great. Still, I needed to make sure.

"I knew it was going to be intimate and it's even more so. It's the closest I've been to any man apart from my husband for years."

And Charlotte joked that if her dancing on the BBC One show is not impressive, she will simply show off her legs to distract viewers and the judges.

She quipped to The Sun: "The worse my dancing gets, the more leg I'll have to show to distract everybody. I'm probably going to shock myself. I suspect a lot of people will be shocked too. But you have to throw yourself into it.

"I don't want to be the only one saying, 'I'd like my skirt to be down to my ankle and my tops up to my chin'.

"I've been told you often start off saying, 'I'll just have the dresses down to the knee'. Then the next week it's up to the thigh and the next week it's, 'Oh, maybe we'll just go a bit shorter still'."

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