Eamonn Holmes: Ruth dances like a 'horse'

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  • 22 September 2017
Ruth Langsford

Ruth Langsford

Eamonn Holmes has poked fun at his wife Ruth Langsford dance moves ahead of her 'Strictly Come Dancing' debut

Eamonn Holmes thinks his wife Ruth Langsford dances like a "horse."

The 'This Morning' presenter will head out onto the dance floor for the first time tomorrow (23.09.17) night for the 'Strictly Come Dancing' live launch but her husband doesn't have much faith in her and thinks she's prances around like an animal.

Speaking on the brunchtime show today (22.09.17), he said: "You dance like a horse."

But the 57-year-old host doesn't mind if her dance moves aren't up to scratch this weekend as none of the competitors are getting the boot in the first show.

She explained: "No one gets voted off tomorrow night, it's the next week we have to worry about. If I do dance like I've got horse's hooves then I can get away with it ... "

But she has admitted, although she's got the security of one more week, she's terrified.

She added: "I'm feeling really scared."

Ruth has spent the past two weeks training with her professional partner Anton du Beke and she has said her training for the dance competition has been "a lot of fun."

She said: "I'm loving the training, and Anton is a fabulous partner and we have a lot of fun. He keeps pretending to lift me, I'm dreading lifts."

However, it's not been plain sailing for the blonde star as she has been "dreadful" at dancing the waltz and keeps forgetting each "little section" of the ballroom number.

She explained: "The thing is, I'm learning ... I'm doing a waltz, and I'm learning it in little sections but every time I try to put two or three bits together I mess it up. And on Friday, when we finished on Friday evening, he said 'Let's just do the whole thing once', and I was dreadful. Seriously, I was dreadful. And now I've had two days [off] over the weekend, so I'll probably go in today and won't remember any of it."

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