James Jordan: 'Strictly' men can't hide 'excitement'

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  • 22 September 2017
James Jordan

James Jordan

James Jordan has admitted the male contestants on 'Strictly Come Dancing' can sometimes have a hard time hiding their "excitement" when their female partner rubs against them

James Jordan has admitted it can be "hard" for the male 'Strictly Come Dancing' professionals to hide their "excitement" when they're rubbing their groin against their female partner.

The former professional dancer - who quit the ballroom and latin show in 2013 - can understand why some pairs end up developing feelings for one another while working together on the programme because "four months is a long time" to be "groin-to-groin" and he has quipped that it can be tricky for the male contestants to conceal their erection during the saucy routines.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, James said: "You do get very close.

"You are with each other for up to four months, potentially. That's a long time to be with someone every single day rubbing and up and down them. It could happen to anyone."

James' wife Ola Jordan - who was also a professional on the show until her departure in 2015 - added: "Do you know what? Sometimes it's the quiet ones."

The acid-tongued hunk explained: "When you dance ballroom, you're groin-to-groin pretty much, so it is a weird, weird, feeling if you've never danced like that before. Men try to hide it. But it's a lot easier for women to hide it."

And, although he and Ola have been married since 2003, the 39-year-old sportsman is looking forward to watching newbie Nadiya Bychkova - a former Playboy pin-up - on the dance floor.

He said: "You want to have someone there you can look at and go: 'Cor, yeah! I wouldn't mind a bit of that.' Every bloke that watches 'Strictly Come Dancing' wants to see that!"

But Ola, 34, has her eye on someone else - Aussie Diane Buswell.

She explained: "Everyone is talking about the blonde but let's not forget about the redhead from Australia. I think she's very cute. My eyes are on the red one!"

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