Bildwechsel - feminist film collective


CCA, Glasgow, Wed 17 Jan


A Hungarian lesbian-transgender Western and the recurrent story of two Lebanese lesbians are the highlights of the latest Bildwechsel screening night, showing short films and celluloid vignettes involving women from all points of the sexuality and gender spectrum.

The Glasgow branch of Bildwechsel is part of a larger organisation, based in Hamburg, and acting as a platform for ladies involved in the media, culture and art. An archive in the German city collects film, text and art works from a thriving network of practitioners - a network that has sharing of resources and ideas as a principal aim. Female ‘agents’, as they are styled, are particularly active in Berlin, Nuremberg, Vienna, London, San Francisco and Chicago, as well as the two cities already mentioned.

‘We’ve had contact with Bildwechsel in Hamburg for ten, 12 years, through different women’s art projects that were happening in Glasgow,’ says Kate Henderson, who’s involved in the project’s West Coast franchise. ‘Over the last three or four years there have been much stronger links, and we’ve been contacting women’s film and video makers in Glasgow and in Scotland, and taking their work to Hamburg and showing it there. We’ve concentrated on short films - traditionally, Bildwechsel has collected and shown independent, experimental, artist films.’

Indeed, cinematic nuggets with titles like Fuck Me Hard (made by an Arab women’s group) are unlikely to get a general release. Other pieces are knockabout fun, like Puszta Cowboy, billed as a Paprikawestern, and ‘complete with horse, gunfight, goulash and traditional Hungarian csárdás dancing,’ or touch on history and identity, as in In the Ladies Lounge, where a 1926 photograph of two Lebanese lesbians in drag sits in the Sydney lounge room of two Lebanese lesbians.

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