Jon Clark has 'best' relationship with Lauren Pope

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 20 September 2017
Lauren Pope

Lauren Pope

Jon Clark feels like his "strange" romance with Lauren Pope will work out because she's "genuine."

Jon Clark thinks his "strange" relationship with Lauren Pope is the "best type" of love.

The 'Only Way is Essex' stars raised eyebrows when they began romancing over the summer as fans never would've put them together, but the 27-year-old hunk is adamant they are "genuine" and is really enjoying seeing where their romance is going.

Speaking to The Sun Online, Jon said: "There have been a lot of ups and downs, but I'd say within the last week or so we've gone up to the highest point we've been so far so I'm looking forward to seeing how things progress.

"Lauren is unlike any other girl I've ever dated - in a good way and I know a lot of people have said our relationship is crazy or strange but maybe that's the best type."

And, although he's clearly smitten with the businesswoman, Jon doesn't want to rush into anything or start labelling their love as it will add even more pressure for them.

He explained: "One reservation I do have is about our relationship being on TV because I've had such a public break up before. But I think Lauren has good intentions.

"I know people have tried to label it this and that but we've come out the other side and a lot of people are starting to realise that we are genuine.

"I just want to take things slow and not jump in because I'm prone to that."

Meanwhile, Lauren recently admitted to BANG Showbiz that she finds herself jumping into relationships with guys from the ITVBe show because they spend so much time together - but tends to realise afterwards that she's not actually attracted to them.

She said: "It's exactly that, because you're together so much, I think I did that with Lewis [Bloor, her ex], you convince yourself there's something there that's not."

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