Rebecca's Mo row

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 30 June 2008


Mohamed and Rebecca had a furious argument today (4.16pm).

Busty Bex was incensed when she realised Mohamed had used the last of her tobacco without asking and then thrown the packet in the bin.

She fumed: "Who does that? Who takes my stuff?"

Mikey tried to defuse the situation by saying Bex could use the opportunity to try to stop smoking, but Luke was quick to hush his foul-mouthed friend.

Luke said: "Oh Mikey, now is not the time to start preaching."

Later, Bex told Luke she was so angry with Mohamed she was "shaking".

The suit-loving student comforted his friend by saying he had seen Mohamed "smoking the butts of cigarettes".

Meanwhile, Jennifer and Dale moaned about evictions this afternoon.

Jennifer said: "If it wasn't me, and it was you or Bex or Luke that left, I don't think I could take any more. I couldn't lose another one."

Dale replied: "I do think I could've upset a lot of people in the last week. I'd hate to go at this stage. I don't wanna go before you."

Confused, Jennifer asked Dale what he meant.

He admitted he wouldn't want to watch her getting close to anyone else, saying if he went before her he would know there would be no "silent creepers".

Pointing out a flaw in his plan, Jennifer said: "What's to say I won't go out and meet a lot of silent creepers?"

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