YouTube star Emma Blackery wants Paris Hilton duet

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 18 September 2017
Emma Blackery

Emma Blackery

YouTube phenomenon Emma Blackery is keen to duet with Paris Hilton after she followed her on Twitter

Emma Blackery wants a Paris Hilton collaboration after she followed her on Twitter.

The YouTube star was catapulted into the spotlight after her EP artwork for 'Magnetised' - which was released in May 2016 - was unexpectedly shown during the launch of the new Apple iPhone X last week, and is hoping the interaction could lead to her working with the former 'Simple Life' star in the future.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Emma, 25, said: "I grew up watching all of the shows she used to have.

"She is an icon. It was one of the highlights of that day.

"If she is down for releasing a song together, her people can talk to my people. That would be nice."

Emma - who supported Busted on their 'Pigs Can Fly' reunion tour in May last year - is keeping tight-lipped about any potential record deals that may have been thrown her way since her EP was shared with millions of people, but says there have been some substantial talks.

She said: "We had some communication. Obviously it is all up in the air and everything. It's exciting right now.

"There is nothing definite it's just talks."

Asked what it was like having everyone talking about her, Emma said: "It's just been overwhelming. It hasn't really sunk in that this all happened.

"I don't really know how to describe it.

"Really the most exciting thing is that I've had new people tweet me in their thousands tweeting me saying, 'I hadn't heard of you up until this event, I want to listen to your music. I love it.'"

"That is the definite highlight for me, more than anything."

Emma has over 1.4 million YouTube subscribers.

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