Exhibitionist Rebecca

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 30 June 2008


Rebecca stripped to her underwear again this afternoon (1.40pm).

Exhibitionist Bex - who streaked around the 'Big Brother' house as part of a prank last night - undressed while the housemates were sunbathing in the garden and proceeded to chase Mohamed around the pool wearing just her pants.

She then covered herself in suntan lotion and pressed up against a window, leaving an impression of her assets on the glass.

After watching her display, Luke - who was languishing in jail after being punished for discussing nominations - said: "Oh God Rebecca, look at the state of you!"

However, not all the housemates found Bex's display quite so amusing.

When Mario told Lisa - who was nominating in the Diary Room during the antics - Bex had been naked, she replied: "She's not! She's a handful, isn't she?

"She doesn't know where to stop. But I take it everyone thought it was funny, of course? Well, it livens the lads' day up, doesn't it?"

Kathreya quickly sprang to her friend's defence, saying: "It's nice and funny. I don't mind."

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