Gemma Collins opens up about her terrifying attack

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  • 18 September 2017
Gemma Collins

Gemma Collins

Gemma Collins felt "powerless" when she was "really badly beaten" by an ex-boyfriend, which forced her to quit 'I'm A Celebrity .. Get Me Out of Here!'

Gemma Collins felt "powerless" when she was "really badly beaten" by an ex-boyfriend.

The 36-year-old TV personality has opened up about the horrific incident between her and her former lover, who has remained unnamed, and is alleged to have happened in 2014, which she has claimed saw her beaten to the floor, kicked "constantly" in the spine where she had suffered a fractured coccyx and was locked in her own flat.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper about the terrifying ordeal, the 'Only Way Is Essex' star said: "I was really badly beaten. I was powerless.

"He started beating me up and kicking me constantly on the floor repeatedly in the bottom of my spine, which he knows I had fractured coccyx.

"When he beat me enough to get me down on the floor then he didn't stop there. He locked me in my flat - he then repeatedly kicked me, kicked me, kicked me - then for some reason he got disrupted and he walked into the bedroom and started smashing up the place in there."

Although Gemma managed to flee her home by "crawling" down the stairs, she didn't take the matter further, which she has admitted she now regrets.

She continued: "I managed to find the last bit of strength in me and I flipped the bolt open on the door and crawled down the stairs, blood dripping down my face and if it wasn't for the neighbour at the bottom of the stairs - he called the police.

"I should have pressed charges but I was in love with that person. I was in shock and had a taxi outside my house waiting to take me to the airport.

"I can't tell you what I said to them, it was just a blur. I dropped all the charges because I was too scared to see it through. I wish to this day that I saw it through."

And Gemma has admitted being a victim of domestic violence "never leaves your mind" and she can't "switch off" the fear that she may face the same problems again.

She added: "I go out on dates with new people but even if they move their arm too quick I jump because it never leaves your mind. I would consider myself a very strong person but even I wasn't strong enough to switch off to it."

This incident took place shortly before the reality star jetted off to Australia to take part in 'I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!', but Gemma has revealed prior to entering the show she was still subjected to mental abuse.

She continued: "I just had to forget it all and head to Australia. But when I was there, he was so mentally abusive.

"He was calling my phone and I told him to stop and I blocked his number and then I was having meetings with execs and was trying to prepare for the jungle."

And Gemma has revealed the whole situation weighed on her mind during her stint on the show and forced her to quit the jungle.

She explained: "I had to do it but unfortunately when I got in there - I could not get it off my brain and as the days went on I was in so much pain. I am gutted that everyone thought I was a quitter and hungry but that's not the truth."

But Gemma is keen to return to the ITV programme to prove she is able to go ahead and bag the title Queen of the Jungle.

She said: "I do want to return to the jungle and prove what I could do. It was a terrible thing that happened.

"If I was to go back I wouldn't have that first dread of going back. He is out of my life this time - don't worry about that."

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