Mario's Jen tease

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 30 June 2008


Mario and Luke teased Jennifer about her sleep talking this morning (10.41am).

The boys confronted part-time model Jennifer about her nocturnal chatter while making breakfast and told her the y planned to use her habit to their advantage.

Luke said: "Jen, we've decided that tomorrow when you're sleep-talking, we're gonna ask you your nominations."

He then said they were going to ask her direct questions while she was asleep, saying: "It's better than any truth serum."

As Jennifer starting giggling, the boys explained she had been gossiping about Rebecca's streak around the house in her sleep.

Man mountain Mario then imitated Jennifer's accent before saying: "You said 'I'll take me clothes off! What are you taking your clothes off for?!'

"I thought: 'She must have someone in the bed - she can't be talking to herself.' And then you started laughing! I thought: 'She must have someone in the bed!' "

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