Luke jailed

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  • 30 June 2008


Luke was sent to jail for discussing nominations this morning (11.17am).

Big Brother called the politics student to the Diary Room and told him he had to go directly to jail as a result of an earlier conversation he had with Rebecca.

Big Brother said: "Luke, yesterday in a conversation with Rebecca, you said: 'On Tuesday night, when the votes are announced, it's all gonna blow. OK Bex, you've got 'Cookie Love' and 'Happy House' - that's all we need."

Trying to cover his tracks, a nervous Luke only managed to prove he had broken the rules.

He said: "I didn't even attempt to insinuate that Rebecca should nominate Kat and Rachel. I think you misinterpreted it."

Luke's protests fell on deaf ears and he was told to go directly to prison, prompting him to shout: "This is absurd! This is ridiculous! This is an outrage!"

The rest of the housemates found Luke's incarceration hilarious, with Mikey commenting Luke won't be able to have a political career now he has been behind bars.

The student soon began to worry he might be banned from nominating today and asked Rebecca to use the group's get out of jail card - which they wanted to save in case someone was imprisoned during a task - to ensure he could cast his vote.

He said: "Let them hate us, Rebecca!"

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