Hungry housemates

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 30 June 2008


The housemates think they have been short-changed after their food supplies started to run low.

Jennifer realised the 'Big Brother' group had run out of bread this morning (10.17am) even though they ordered 22 loaves last week, prompting the contestants to speculate about where their food had gone.

Lisa said: "I'd like to know where this £525 budget goes because we didn't order that much."

The former body builder - who took charge of last week's list along with Jennifer and Mikey - proceeded to name items she had ordered and estimate their cost to see if they had received the entire budget.

A relaxed Luke said they had all eaten well so far so if they did run out of food for a couple of days it wouldn't be too awful.

A less impressed Dale said he "refused to believe" the group had run out of bread.

Rebecca then announced they still had ten jars of peanut butter and four jars of jam.

She said: "I don't understand. What are we supposed to do with these?"

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