Jennifer's Stuart chat

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  • 30 June 2008


Jennifer had an intimate talk with Stuart last night.

After spending the day bonding with each other the 'Big Brother' pair starting discussing love and their hopes for the future, and their chat soon took a flirty turn.

When Jennifer revealed she had "given up" on love Stuart decided to convince her she was wrong.

Stuart said: "It's coming, my soulmate is coming and when she does, bam and I'll marry her. I can't stand people who are down on it

"You should never give up on love, no matter what you've been through. I know my soulmate is out there and I'm gonna marry her and it'll be perfect."

Stuart's mission seemed to be successful when Jennifer replied: "I'm waiting for my knight on a white horse."

Hunky Stuart assured the part-time model - who has also enjoyed a flirtation with Dale while in the house - her perfect partner was just around the corner.

He also called Jennifer "gorgeous" and told her she should be "open to love".

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