Susanna Reid deletes social media apps

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  • 14 September 2017
Susanna Reid

Susanna Reid

Popular TV host Susanna Reid has revealed she deleted social media apps from her phone because of the abuse she's received

Susanna Reid has deleted social media apps from her phone because of the abuse she's received.

The 'Good Morning Britain' host has revealed she sometimes removes apps like Twitter from her handset for a few hours due to the vile criticism she's been subjected to.

Susanna shared: "If I get something nasty on social media I just delete it for a couple of hours and go back later."

The popular TV host made the confession in response to news that Labour MP Diane Abbott received almost half of all recorded abuse on social media directed at politicians prior to the last UK General Election.

Meanwhile, Susanna's outspoken co-host Piers Morgan claimed the presenter was in a "bad mood" earlier this week because her beloved soccer team, Crystal Palace, has endured a miserable start to the new season.

Piers said: "I know why you're in a bad mood by the way.

"You're in a bad mood because Crystal Palace had the worst start to the Premier League of any football league in history and she's really cheesed off about it.

"You've been simmering like a little volcano all morning."

But Susanna was quick to rubbish her co-host's comments, insisting she was in a perfectly good mood.

The brunette beauty explained: "I'm not in a bad mood, I'm in a very good mood."

Piers, typically, didn't agree with the 'Good Morning Britain' star, telling her: "You are, you filthy little..."

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