Ben Kingsley blasts Hollywood

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  • 30 June 2008

Ben Kingsley blasts Hollywood

Sir Ben Kingsley says Hollywood exploits its young stars.

The 'Gandhi' actor attacked movie bosses who hire young people for their looks and casts them aside when audiences see they have no talent.

He said: "Some young people are told they are actors and they're not.

"It's unfair to exploit a young person who may look good on a magazine cover and tell them they can be in movies, then make it happen for them when they can't do it.

"You're lifting their expectations so high and then pulling the rug when the audience gives them a collective thumbs down.

"We throw people away too easily, but we should never invite them in the first place."

The 64-year-old legend also insists he has never been interested in experimenting with illegal substances.

He added to a US newspaper: "There's no need to resort to drugs. I haven't ever. I have my own drug - it's called acting. I get completely stoned on it."

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