Gary Barlow gets selfie snubbed

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  • 13 September 2017
Gary Barlow

Gary Barlow

Gary Barlow was left red-faced when a fan asked for a picture - but actually wanted him to take one with 'Let it Shine' winners Five To Five

Take That's Gary Barlow was snubbed for a photo by a fan of Five to Five.

The 46-year-old singer is used to girls swooning around him to get a selfie and was left open-mouthed when he was asked to take a picture, but with the band which won his TV series 'Let it Shine' and not himself.

Speaking to Gemma, Mike and Matt on the Key 103 Breakfast show, he recalled: "We did a run through about a week ago in a hidden studio. There was this girl with all pictures and stuff, I said 'Do you want a photo?' And she went 'No, I want one with Five to Five.'

"I was absolutely gutted for the first time, because she's not a fan of us, she's a fan of them, which is brilliant by the way."

Since winning the BBC competition in February, Five To Five - made up of AJ, Curtis, Nick, Sario and Yazdan - have been touring in the musical 'The Band', but could see the 'Giants' hitmakers writing their own original songs in the future.

Mark Owen - also joined by Howard Donald in Take That - said: "We'd all love to write stuff for them. They're going off now on a big tour, it's a year and a half, they're on the road now, playing eight shows a week, playing to 15,000 people every week. I hope they make fans as they go through these towns and venues and I'd love the idea of them having a record career at the end of all this."

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