Saira Khan: I have a 'fantastic' sex life

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  • 13 September 2017
Saira Khan

Saira Khan

'Loose Women' presenter Saira Khan has admitted she now has a "fantastic" sex life, despite previously claiming she had lost her sex drive

Saira Khan insists she has a "fantastic" sex life, despite previously claiming she had lost her sex drive.

The 'Loose Women' presenter once told viewers she had informed her husband, Steven Hyde, he was allowed to sleep with other women because her sex drive had gone, but the 47-year-old presenter insists they now have a great time between the sheets after undergoing therapy.

Speaking on the panel show on Wednesday (13.09.17), she said: "As you know, I talked about not wanting to have sex anymore.

"I went to therapy and I took Steve with me. Since that day our sex life is fantastic, it's fine.

"It was affecting my marriage. If I hadn't come out I think my marriage would have broken up."

Saira and Steve's marriage hit the headlines following her comments last year, in which she admitted she was "not interested" in getting jiggy with it.

At the time, she said: "We used to have a fantastic sex life. I still love my husband, we cuddle up and it's lovely.

"We've been together for 11 years, but I'm not interested in sex, I don't want to.

"I'm embarrassed to say this but I said to him, 'You can go with someone else if you want?' I want to make him happy.

"He'll kill me for saying this. Am I the only one?"

While initially mortified by his wife's comments, Steve - who has two children, Zachariah and Amara Hyde, with Saira, who he married in 2004 - stood by her and hit back at critics.

He said: "I was angry, embarrassed and immediately worried what my friends, business colleagues and most of all family were going to make of it all.

"It's sad some have demonised Saira for this - we need to accept there are thousands of couples who are perfectly happily married with dormant sex lives.

"I love Saira and always will - and I'm proud she's part of a show where women can talk to each other.

"Even if it did turn my world upside down for 48 hours."

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