Emily Ratajkowski honed acting skills on parents

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  • 13 September 2017
Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski has revealed she only got into acting because she was an only child and just had her parents to play with when she was growing up

Emily Ratajkowski only got into acting because she is an only child.

The 26-year-old actress has starred in a number of Hollywood movies, including 2014 film 'Gone Girl', in which she starred alongside Ben Affleck, but claimed she got into the profession because she only had her "parents to play with" during her younger years so used to "perform" to her mother and father.

Speaking to Stylist magazine, Ratajkowski said: "I remember being on the second floor of a West End theatre watching 'Les Misérables' through the balcony.

"Being an only child, I only had my parents to play with, and the best way for me to do that was to perform for them.

"That was a huge part of why I wanted to become an actress. 'Cats' was the coolest thing to me, ever."

The 'We Are Your Friends' star also feels she hasn't got all the roles she wanted in her career because her "boobs are too big".

She recently said: "There's this thing that happens to me, 'Oh, she's too sexy.' It's like an anti-woman thing, that people don't want to work with me because my boobs are too big.

"What's wrong with boobs? They're a beautiful feminine thing that needs to be celebrated. Like, who cares? They are great big, they are great small. Why should that be an issue?"

While her dream was to be an actress, Ratajkowski is fussy when it comes to roles and admitted she has turned down a lot of films because she doesn't want to be in a "big studio movie" which only really requires her to look hot in a bikini.

She added: "I am way more interested in working with unexpected and cool directors on interesting projects than being in this big studio movie where you're in a bikini.

"I turn down a lot of movies, but I have to fight for the ones that I really want."

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