Ruth Langsford already injured on Strictly Come Dancing

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  • 13 September 2017
Ruth Langsford

Ruth Langsford

Ruth Langsford accidentally kicked herself while training for 'Strictly Come Dancing'

Ruth Langsford has hurt her ankle while rehearsing for 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

The 'This Morning' presenter completed her first day of training for the ballroom and latin show with her partner Anton du Beke yesterday (12.09.17) but has already been left with a sore foot after she accidentally kicked herself while learning the steps.

Taking to her Twitter account, the 57-year-old star said in a short video: "I had great fun with Anton but I am aching in places I didn't know ached.

"I've got a big bruise on my ankle but I think I kicked myself. That's a good trick, isn't it. So yeah, day 1, hopefully it can only get better, not worse!"

The blonde beauty is also struggling with swollen toes because she's not used to prancing around in heels all day, but has decided to end every session with an ice bath after hearing that the professional dancers use that trick to cool down their feet.

She said: "So I'm told this is what the pro dancers do when their feet are hot and sore. Iced water for five minutes... it's so cold but good!"

And, although she's giving the rehearsals her all, her husband Eamonn Holmes doesn't think she's got what it takes to win the show.

He said: "She's not going to win it, absolutely not, so save your money, folks.

"But you know what, it's a great thing that programme means so much to people."

This comes shortly after Eamonn, 57, said he will be living off baked beans and takeaways "every night" while Ruth is on rehearsing for the programme.

The 'This Morning' co-host joked that he'll be a 'Strictly' "widower" as he has no skills in the kitchen, meaning he'll need to survive on basic meals to see him through.

He said: "She's a domestic goddess and runs the whole house. She does everything and when she is not there, well it's going to be be baked beans every night. It will probably be takeaways and they will go out into the bin before she gets home."

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