Sarah Harding ad Chad Johnson to wed?

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  • 13 September 2017
Sarah Harding

Sarah Harding

Sarah Harding and Chad Johnson are getting on so well that their co-star Amelia Lily thinks they'll get hitched

Amelia Lily thinks Sarah Harding and Chad Johnson will get married.

The couple hit the headlines last month when they struck up a relationship inside the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house - despite the singer having a boyfriend on the outside - but, although distance has now separated them due to the fact Sarah lives in the UK and Chad is based across the pond in Los Angeles, their co-star is convinced their romance is the real deal and it will end in wedding bells "sooner" rather than later.

Speaking to The Sun Online, Amelia said: "The chemistry between them is immense.

"I think they will get married, they are so into each other. It could be sooner than you think. In the house they had such a connection so if they continue that on the outside I reckon they will definitely get married. I really hope so."

Chad, 29, flew back to the US a week after he was let out of the infamous abode but it doesn't look like they'll be separated for long as Sarah has reportedly been inundated with offers from American bosses and is currently weighing up her options.

She said recently: "It's OK, he's gone back to LA now.

"I've got some work lined up in LA so I'm hoping to go out there in the next few weeks. We spent a week together outside of the house, I'm still acclimatising, we're taking it one bit at a time. We're being sensible."

But the 35-year-old beauty is still trying to get her around her on-screen romance because she never expected to fall for someone when she first went into the house.

She explained: "I wasn't looking for anything when I was in there. I didn't fancy any of the lads when I got in there at all. I didn't look at any of them like that.

"But with me and Chad I think we only had each other to lean on and from becoming really good friends it just grew into feelings when we both got nominated and we both got saved. I think that's when it sort of fell into more feelings."

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