Rebecca's rude prank

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 30 June 2008


Rebecca stripped off in front of the other housemates last night.

The cheeky nursery nurse pranked the rest of the contestants by emerging from the Diary Room wearing just a thong and pretending Big Brother had told her to come out naked.

As the shocked housemates looked on, Bex said: "They said I had to remove all my clothes as the T-shirt I was wearing was sending a message to the outside world. Can you believe it?"

Although some of the housemate were sceptical at Bex's tale, trusting Rachel believed her.

She said: "Was it a male Big Brother? Did you say no? That is totally out of order."

Bex replied: "Yeah, it was male. He told me I had to take absolutely everything off."

A shocked Dale commented: "I'm not taking my clothes off."

Rex replied: "You'd do it if you can keep your boxer shorts on."

However, Big Brother soon scuppered Bex's plan with the announcement: "Could Rebecca please retrieve her clothes from the hallway."

Busty Bex was forced to come clean and told the rest of the housemate she thought the trick would be "funny".

She added: "They ruined it, why would Big Brother do that?"

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