Dale's Jen fear

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  • 30 June 2008


Dale fears Jennifer has "dumped" him.

In a conversation with Darnell last night, love-sick 'Big Brother' housemate Dale moaned about the amount of time Jennifer was spending with Stuart and vowed to stop chasing the pretty part-time model.

He said: "Them two being really close all the time is "f***ing s**t. I'm getting dumped here, on national TV."

Albino Darnell tried to reassure Dale, saying: "I don't think we've got to that place yet dude. She talks to him because of all the s**t they have in common, but she likes you despite the fact you have nothing in common. You're cool, dude! You're cool as a fan."

Despite Darnell's kind words Dale remained unconvinced and revealed he has been having second thoughts about his feelings for Jennifer.

He said: "I really like her, she's dead pretty like. But, well, you know what I've noticed about her? If you don't share her opinions she can't handle it. Her and Stu can f***ing live happily ever after.

"If I cuddle her or something it's like I'm a fire blanket, I'm smothering her, but if I stay away Stu gets in there."

After warning Dale not to "do a Sylvia" and start obsessing about the relationship, Darnell reassured Dale he would have plenty of women like "Mischa Barton and Paris Hilton" throwing themselves at him when he left the house.

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