Lucy Liu's animated love

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  • 30 June 2008

Lucy Liu's animated love

Lucy Liu loves working on animated films because she doesn't have to dress up.

The actress - who lends her voice to Viper, a Kung Fu expert snake in the forthcoming 'Kung Fu Panda' - admitted it was a relief to concentrate on her work and not worry about her appearance.

She said: "I loved it. It was nice not having to go through hair and make-up and wardrobe. I could just focus on my intention for where I wanted to take this character."

Lucy says the cast made a deliberate attempt not to disguise their voices for the film.

She explained: "They did want us to keep our voices fairly close to what they normally sound like - otherwise it would have sounded cartoon-y."

Last week, Lucy's co-star Dustin Hoffman revealed he disliked recording his part alone for the film.

He said: "They didn't tell me that I would be on my own in an isolation booth. I took it for granted I would be in the same room as Jack and Lucy. I thought we would all have a microphone and we would be interacting."

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