Rick Astley has his own toilet at Japan bar

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  • 11 September 2017
Ricky Astley

Ricky Astley

Rick Astley has revealed he has his own toilet tribute at a bar in Japan which he visited a few weeks ago

Rick Astley has his own toilet in a Japanese bar.

The 'Never Gonna Give You Up' hitmaker's bizarre musical tribute blurts out the 80s pop icon's biggest hits, which he says is a "whole different level of funk" and rather mind-boggling.

Speaking at Radio 2 Hyde Park on Sunday (10.09.17), he said: "I have some friends in Denmark who own a beer company, and they made a beer for me.

"We went to bar with them in Japan a couple of weeks ago, and one of the bars they own has a Rick Astley toilet.

"If you go in there all the music played in that toilet is me.

"Being in Japan is a funky thing anyway, but going to a bar and having a toilet that just plays your music is a whole different level of funk.

"And I'd had a few beers as well that night. My head was a bit of a mess."

Asked if he was pleased about it, he said: "Come on! Yes who wouldn't want that."

Despite having his own brew, Rick doesn't have any desire to own his own pub, but he fancies starting up a restaurant in Italy when he retires with his wife Lene.

Asked if he'd like to setup his own boozer, the 51-year-old star exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I don't think I'd do that because certain people have had bars.

"The only thing I want to do is have a restaurant with my wife when we are old and grey on the beach in Italy, where I am going to wear a different coloured velvet jacket every night with a massive glass of fantastic red wine in my hand and we are just going to drink cocktails all day long."

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