Mohamed's comfort fart

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 29 June 2008

Mohamed can fart in front of Rebecca

Mohamed feels he can fart in front of Rebecca.

The cheeky Somalian let one rip this morning, but suddenly realised he was in the presence of a lady.

He said: "Oh s**t, sorry!"

But Rebecca wouldn't let the indiscretion pass.

She said: "You followed through!"

Mohamed replied: ""No I didn't!"

He added: "I farted in front of a lady! But then, that means I feel comfortable around you. The only time I fart in front of people is when I feel comfortable around them. I think you farted as well."

Rebecca conceded to the claim, saying, 'I always fart'.

Later, Jennifer labelled the house "Fart House", prompting Rebecca to let out a loud burp.

Luke said: "She's an animal, isn't she?"

But despite her fellow housemates' disgust, Rebecca insisted she was "a lady".

Mohamed has been singled out for his farting in the house, with some housemates using it as a reason to nominate him for eviction.

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