Darnell attacks Rebecca

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  • 29 June 2008

Darnell said Rebecca was catty

Darnell has attacked Rebecca for saying Kat didn't deserve to win the show.

The US deportee lashed out at the motor-mouth last night (11.35pm) for her secret chats about other "boring" housemates.

He said: "Today you and Jennifer have totally been talking about how you don't want to hang out with the 'boring people'. But some of it is getting catty and personal.

"Like you saying that Kat basically don't deserve to win 'Big Brother'."

Rebecca responded angrily.

She shouted: "I'll say a lot of things in this house but it doesn't mean you have to take things out of context.

"You're one of those people who gets a big spoon and you stir things up and you tell people about it!"

Kat began to cry as the pair continued to lay into each other.

Rebecca continued: "Look, now Kat's getting upset. Look how you've made her feel.

"You don't need to say things like that with a big blabbermouth. I will never be able to speak to you in confidence again. I thought I could trust you Darnell, but obviously not."

Darnell gave up on the debate.

He said: "Okay, let's just forget it. The argument is dumb, you win, whatever. Don't bother, just act like I'm not even here."

Rebecca added: "Are you saying you'd rather not be friends with me? Okay, fine."

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