Meridian Brothers – Dónde Estás María? (4 stars)

Meridian Brothers – Dónde Estás María?

Inspired experimental pop from Colombian band

On Dónde Estás María?, Colombia's Meridian Brothers dial back on the kitchen sink hyperactivity of their earlier albums to work with a clearly defined tonal palette in which cello, percussion and electronics dominate.

Deft touches of synth and fuzz guitar cut across breezy string parts that recall Brazilian Tropicalia. Mastermind Eblis Álvarez marries these finely honed arrangements to some of his sharpest songwriting, resulting in the group's most accessible album to date. Álvarez takes us on a tour of South American genres and traditions, but rather than mush them together in an insipid fusion, he retains their distinctive character, giving them a contemporary upgrade through a seamless blend of acoustic percussion, electronic beats and effects.

'Él No Está Muerto' offers a woozy take on the staggered rhythm of Quechuan huayno, while 'Hablame Amigo, Citadino' gives us a freaky psychedelic take on reggaeton. Inspired experimental pop.

Out on Soundway.

Meridian Brothers

This five-piece group from Colombia performs its self-penned Latin style, laced with other elements such as psychedelia.

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