Brendan O'Carroll lands new TV show

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  • 8 September 2017
Brendan O'Carroll

Brendan O'Carroll

'Mrs Brown's Boys' star Brendan O'Carroll has landed a new BBC panel show where he will be presenting as himself rather than Agnes Brown

Brendan O'Carroll has landed a new TV series playing himself.

The 61-year-old Irish comedian shot to fame playing busybody matriarch Agnes Brown in the hit BBC show 'Mrs Brown's Boys' but now he is set to star as himself in a forthcoming panel show called 'Tell Me Something I Don't Know'.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "The BBC are really excited about the premise. It's set to be a lively family show, which sees contestants play games and answer questions. Bosses know that 'Mrs Brown's Boys' has a fiercely loyal following who can be relied on to tune in to see whatever Brendan is getting up to.

"There's hope it will become a staple entertainment show."

The show will be produced by Hungry Bear Media, the same company behind 'All Round To Mrs Brown's' - a spin-off to the main show - which is set to return next year.

An advert was placed by the production company and read: "We're looking to create a fun, exciting atmosphere in the studio and will be inviting members of the audience to come down and take part in the gameplay."

Recently, Rory Cowan - who has portrayed Agnes' son Rory in the comedy for 26 years - quit 'Mrs Brown's Boys' because he was "bored".

The 57-year-old Irish actor performed with his co-stars for the final time at London's O2 Arena back in July after handing his notice into creator Brendan (Mrs. Brown/Agnes) the month before, and has admitted he decided it was time to bow out of the production because he got "tired" of the same format and wanted to try something new.

He said: "What was killing me was we were doing the exact same arenas in the exact same order we did two years ago. I would have known week-by-week where I'd be until 2022 - and it's not like they're different every year, it's the same thing."

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