Mario banged up

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  • 29 June 2008

Mario and Mikey discussed nominations

Mario and Mikey spent last night in jail.

The foul mouthed cross dresser and the muscle-bound moaner were sentenced for discussing nominations yesterday (5.20pm).

But the 'jailbirds' insisted they had done nothing to deserve being locked up in the garden's creepy cage.

Mikey said: "I just said yeah, yeah, yeah. It was nothing to do with nominations. I didn't even know what he was saying."

Luke replied: "There's no justice, Mikey."

Bizarrely, oddball Mario suggested a rather kinky form of entertainment to his bemused cellmate.

He said: "We'll smother each other in chocolate and lick it all off."

Mario's girlfriend Lisa said it wasn't fair for the pair to be singled out when the rest of the group were having similar discussions.

She said: "Well, we were all talking about it, weren't we?"

Dishy dad Stuart told them not to feel bad about it because they probably would have ended up in jail either way.

He added: 'If they want you in they'll just find a reason. They obviously want you boys in."

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