Green fingered task

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  • 29 June 2008

Kathreya failed to make a doughnut

Housemates failed yesterday's token task miserably.

The not so green fingered contestants were challenged to create sculptures out of bukus trees in the style of the Tim Burton directed film Edward Scissorhands.

Mario and Mikey were excluded from the task after Big Brother had sent them to jail earlier in the evening.

Lisa butchered her plant into what was supposed to be an open topped car, but it was reduced to a few twigs by the end of her pruning session.

She said: "If the judges go on effort and talent, we've won. If it goes on how it looks we'll fail."

Meanwhile, Rex fashioned his tree into an ice-cream, Mohamed made an egg, Jennifer attempted a Christmas tree while Luke struggled with a question mark.

While Dale was trying to trim a replica of the Eifel Tower, he discovered a birds nest with an egg inside. Rachel and Rebecca took it to the Diary Room for Big Brother to hand over to the RSPCA.

Darnell failed to create a convincing lobster, Kathreya had to change her planned doughnut into a heart shape and Rachel did her best to make a giraffe.

Darnell told Stuart his snail looked like an oven glove.

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