Charlotte Crosby doesn't want a baby yet

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 7 September 2017
Charlotte Crosby

Charlotte Crosby

Charlotte Crosby has decided she doesn't want to have a baby yet because she wants to "make the most" of her 20s

Charlotte Crosby wants to "makes the most of her 20s" before she has children.

The former 'Geordie Shore' star - who almost died when she tragically suffered an ectopic pregnancy last year - recently admitted she'd love nothing more than to have a baby with her on/off boyfriend Stephen Bear, but has had a swift change of mind now.

Speaking to OK! magazine at the launch of her new In The Style collection, she said: "I did go through a stage of feeling broody but now I'm back and focused on putting my career and self first, making the most of my 20s before they are over."

And pouring her attention into work has helped her deal with the "drama" she's been embroiled in with Stephen as they've been breaking up and making up a lot recently.

She explained: "Work is always a great distraction from boy dramas!"

The turbulent couple came to blows last month after the 27-year-old star broke down in tears during an interview on Irish television after she was asked how she felt about Gaz - who she dated for five years - having a baby with his girlfriend Emma McVey.

Her emotional breakdown led to the 27-year-old hunk dumping her online - without telling her first - while he was in Las Vegas with his friend for a boxing fight.

But he later decided to give their relationship another go on the conditions she doesn't talk about Gaz - who she was expecting a child with - in public.

An insider said previously: "Bear and Charlotte are back together - everyone knew they would be. Part of the reason they're back together is that Charlotte's agreed not to speak about her ex, Gaz, either on TV or in private.

"Bear gets SO jealous and has real issues about Charlotte's exes. It makes him insecure every time Gaz is bought up, despite the fact Gaz and Charlotte have moved on and she'd never do anything to hurt Bear."