Housemates' Big clean

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 28 June 2008


Big Brother told the contestants to clean the house this morning (11.18am).

Luke collected instructions from the Diary Room which stated the housemates were being given 40 minutes to clean the house because it was messy.

To their delight the group were told motivational music would be played into the house to help them clean, but they were also warned against getting up to any high jinks while they were supposed to be working.

During last week's sprucing session, the group gave up tidying in favour of squirting each other with cleaning products

After collecting the instruction, Luke said: "Housemates are reminded not to spray each other with the cleaning items. And the best bit is, not to drink bleach. Who drank bleach?!"

They contestants changed into white boiler suits - with man mountain Mario deciding to wear just a pair of underpants under his - before they started their task.

Rachel seemed to be particularly taken with the outfit and she wondered out loud whether Big Brother would allow her to take it when she leaves so she can wear it at home.

However, odd couple Luke and Rebecca were not quite so cheery about the task.

They argued over who should clean the table, with Luke telling Bex she never does anything "constructive" in the house.

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