Lucy Watson slams 'cruel' stars on Bear Gryll's Celebrity Island

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  • 7 September 2017
Lucy Watson

Lucy Watson

Lucy Watson has slammed Iwan Thomas and Ryan Thomas for killing a crocodile on 'Bear Gryll's Celebrity Island'

Lucy Watson has branded Iwan Thomas and Ryan Thomas "cruel" for "killing a frightened animal" while competing on 'Bear Gryll's Celebrity Island'.

The 'Made in Chelsea' star - who is an vegan and animal rights activist - has lashed out at the Olympic runner and former 'Coronation Street' actor for murdering a baby caiman crocodile for food because they hadn't eaten any grub for eight days.

Taking to her Twitter account after the episode aired on Wednesday (06.09.17) night, Lucy said: "Getting excited about killing a frightened animal on a tv show does not make you brave or strong. It makes you cruel. (sic)"

The show, which sees a group of celebrities dropped on an island and told to fend for themselves, has also been slammed by animal rights organisation PETA.

Elisa Allen, Director PETA UK, told The Sun newspaper: "Caimans are shy animals, and this one was a baby. They're not a threat to humans, so taking a life for the shock value is shameful and cowardly and shows that the only real predators on this programme are the miserable celebrities and producers."

However, a representative for Channel 4 is adamant the crocodile was killed humanely and that hunting for food is all part of the programme.

A statement said: "An important part of the series is to find out if the celebrities are capable of surviving alone and able to find sources of food, including hunting and killing for meat; a vital part of their survival as it is a source of valuable calories and protein.

"The celebrities were trained in the humane capture and dispatch of live animals as part of their survival training and the adult caiman was killed humanely."

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