Mikey's Bex gossip

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  • 28 June 2008


Luke and Mikey gossiped about Rebecca this morning (10.10am).

Foul-mouthed Mikey began questioning Luke about the sleeping arrangements in the house last night - which saw Darnell switch from the basic to the luxury 'Big Brother' bedroom - and the politics student was quick to reveal some information about buxom Bex.

Luke said: "Rebecca got into my bed at one point and lay there for ten minutes."

An amazed Mikey was quick to ask what happened next.

Luke said Bex was "begging" him to tuck her in.

Mikey replied: "Did she?! That would just be the end. There'd be absolutely no career if that happened, because the speculation would be absolutely rife."

Luke agreed, saying: "Did they? Didn't they?"

Clearly enjoying discussing the topic, Mikey added: "Did stray hands wake up in strange places? And so on, and so on. Could you have that over you for the rest of your life?"

A stunned Luke replied: "No! And that's why I kindly asked Rebecca to go back to her own bed. And after ten minutes of constantly begging me to stay, she eventually got the message."

However, it seems flirty Bex is not going to give up quite that easily.

Later (12.36pm) she got dressed in front of Luke, saying she wanted him to see her naked.

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