Darnell's luxury sleep

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  • 28 June 2008


Darnell slept in the luxury 'Big Brother' bedroom last night.

Previously, the albino housemate always slept in the basic bedroom and his decision to switch allegiances had many of the contestants gossiping this morning (9.51am).

Luke found the new sleeping arrangements particularly hard to fathom.

Referring to the group's antics the previous night, he said: "What's going on round here? Ear sucking, choclolate licking and now Darnell's in the luxury bedroom. The leader of B-block, now sleeping in luxury. Darnell's sold his soul. I'm shocked to the core."

Chef Rex called Darnell a "dirty little stopout" for sleeping in the other bedroom and then jokingly termed him a "traitor".

Potty-mouthed Mikey suggested Darnell might be trying to get close to Rebecca - who sleeps in a double bed on her own - by staying in the luxury room.

Earlier, Darnell told Rex he was sure Bex was going to "put out" before the infamous argument broke out on Friday morning.

Darnell said he infiltrated the room to see what went on in there at night.

He said: "You have to go undercover to find out what goes on in there. Literally undercover. I got all the information I needed. I've uncovered what goes on in there."

Luke replied: "Now you must understand the power of the dark side."

Later (10.21am), Darnell - who woke up next to Dale - commented: "There's a lot of dude love going on here. A lot of man-on-man spooning."

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