Catherine Tyldesley's challenging Corrie fight scene

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  • 7 September 2017
Catherine Tyldesley

Catherine Tyldesley

Catherine Tyldesley says her fight scene in 'Coronation Street' was terrifying especially when she had to film from a high level

Catherine Tyldesley found her forthcoming water fountain fight scene on 'Coronation Street' really "challenging".

The 33-year-old beauty's alter-ego Eva Price is going through a tough time on the soap after learning that her fiancé Aidan Connor (Shayne Ward) was having an affair with her bridesmaid Maria Connor, played by actress Samia Longchambon.

The pair will finally come to blows with a dramatic episode of the ITV1 show set to air on September 20, which saw the blonde beauty perform some extreme stunts.

Catherine was most petrified when she was performing a from high up as she has a fear of heights, and it was all the more scary when a wasp swarmed around her.

She told The Sun Online: "At one point I am up high for a big scene - I can't say any more or give it away but I am terrified of heights so the stunt was a challenge.

"Something happens which I can't reveal, but filming it was terrifying."

The actress said she nearly had a "breakdown" when the pesky insect much to the amusement of her co-stars.

She told the Mirror Online: "I am terrified of heights, so that was a real challenge for me, especially when a wasp came. Everyone else thought it was hilarious but I had a breakdown."

The girls had a stunt advisor on set with them, but Catherine says a lot of it was improvised.

She said: "Because of the nature of the scene they were just like 'Go for it guys'. Me and Samia [Longchambon] were like 'Oh my god!" And we did, we just went for it - within reason. We were both aware of what we should or shouldn't do but yeah, it was pretty full-on."

And despite the scene being challenging to film, Catherine says neither of them were harmed.

She said: "We were really pruned and my fake tan was a nightmare but other than that, no I don't think we did get any injuries."

Things will start to kick off on September 18, when Eva's hen night sees her stir things up with Maria and Aidan will finally confess to cheating, all in the run up to the huge bust-up which happens after Maria bursts into the church as Eva walks down the aisle.


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This all sounds brilliant!! Can't wait!!

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