Kat's royal row

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  • 28 June 2008


Jennifer upset Kathreya during an early morning disagreement today (4.41am).

After Kat began talking about her native Thailand and proudly explained about the country's royal family and the amount of respect Thai people have for them, Jen said she did not agree with the strictness of the regime in the country.

Although the rest of the 'Big Brother' housemates did not notice, Kat was left distraught by Jen's comments and went to the Diary Room.

Later, cookie-loving Kat took Jen aside to voice her upset.

She said: "You need to watch the way you say things. If you ever talk about things like this be careful what you say because it could hurt them so much. You don't know how upset I am."

Devastated to discover she had caused Kat distress, Jen was quick to apologise and said she would never "try to hurt someone intentionally".

Jen continued: "I didn't realise that royalty is the same thing as religion in your country. The culture I live in is so different to yours. The royal family in our country isn't respected in the same way as religion is. I am ignorant, I didn't know about that and I should have."

Kat then explained just how important the royal family is to her, saying: "When you breathe in and breathe out, the King is every breath."

The two girls eventually agreed it was a misunderstanding and made friends again.

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